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Humans spend 92% of Our lives indoors



City camping creates secure pop-up campsites in parks and green spaces in cities all over the uk


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Who's City Camping for? 

Everyone of course!

Anyone who wants to have a taste of the outdoors and camping in a safe and secure setting.

We separate different age groups each night.


Below you can find out which evening is appropriate for you.

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Where, When & HOW MUCH?

Gunnersbury Park

Monday 26th July - by invitation only

Tuesday 27th July - adults only [18+]

Wednesday 28th July - Parents and children [min age 7]

Thursday 29th July - CHARITY PARTNER

£150 per tent/night

(sleeps 2 adults)

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We PRovide:

  • Tent

  • Mattress

  • Table

  • Open BBQs (for cooking over)

  • Wood

  • Tea, coffee, cow's milk and sugar

  • Toilets

  • Adventure activities

You bring:

  • Insulation (duvet or sleeping bag) and your pillow*

  • Phone charger and power bank

  • Food for supper and breakfast

  • Tools to prepare your food on the open BBQs

  • Wash Bag and personal medication

Image by Josh Campbell


We take security very seriously - hence we have 24 hour security at the campsite making sure we are safe all night.

Image by Flex Point Security